We honor the existing character of the house while adapting it to the way we live today.

La Loma

Pasadena Showcase House

This 1916 English Tudor Revival style mansion was selected for the 2017 Pasadena Showcase House of Design.  The house was designed by architecture firm of Marston & Van Pelt for actor Samuel Hinds.  Home Front Build completely redesigned the Master Suite area using restful blues and neutrals to create “Seaside Escape”, a tranquil haven from the demands of modern life.  The bathroom, sitting and closet areas were completely rearranged to provide necessary closet and bathroom space for today’s lifestyle.

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Los Feliz Spanish Colonial Remodel & Addition

The Hollywood Hills location and its zoning code restrictions only allowed a 300 square feet addition to this 1920’s Spanish Colonial Revival home.  With creative reorganization of the spaces, and opening up the house to the outdoors, this previously weekend getaway house is now a family house.  

A complete master suite was created using the original maid’s quarters and the new addition over the garage.  A new powder room was added in a seldom used side entry vestibule, and finished simply and elegantly in a unique red clay floor design and hand-applied integral color plaster. 

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Beverlywood Remodel

This traditional house had suffered a series of ill-planned additions over time.  Each addition was done to satisfy a pressing need, an additional bedroom, a second bath, but none of the additions ever acknowledged that the house was now a larger home. The resulting three-bedroom, two-bath layout was confusing so the main design goal was to reconceive the home without adding more square footage and make the house function more cohesively.

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Silverlake Spanish Colonial Revival Addition & Remodel/ ”This Old House” Project

This remodel and addition to a 1933 Spanish Colonial Revival house was the first project the renowned PBS show “This Old House” ever filmed in Los Angeles.  

The existing house was a single story 1500 square foot two-bedroom, one-bath house.  Quaint but too tight for a growing young family with two kids.  Being located in the highly desirable historic hillside area of Silverlake, buying a new larger home was a less desirable option.  

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Westside Addition and Remodel of a Spanish Colonial Remodel

This late 1920s single story 1500 square foot Spanish Colonial house had a typical floor plan of the period, public rooms up front and bedrooms behind, no access to the rear yard.  In order to open the home to the newly landscaped rear yard a second floor was added moving three bedrooms and two baths upstairs creating a larger 3000 square foot home with 4 bedrooms and 3 ½ baths.

The now grander floor plan accommodated a central stair well with turret above filling the central core of the house with light and ornate period details such as the Malibu tile risers and ornate hand forged metal railing.  

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San Fernando Valley Historic Ranch Remodel

This residence was once part of a larger Ranch built in the 50’s in an area of the San Fernando Valley which was popular with Hollywood luminaries such as Roy Rogers, Dale Evens, Desi Arnaz & Lucille Ball.  The goal of the remodel was to update the kitchen and integrate it into the living area, adding modern amenities while creating a space that was clearly synonymous with the original ranch style.  

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Sugar Hill Craftsman Remodel & Addition

This grand 5,200 square foot Los Angeles Craftsman home, complete with third story ballroom, built in 1905 was in a state of neglect when the owners purchased it.  The neighborhood in which the home was located was once the rich suburbs.  Over time a growing and changing urban core enveloped the once exclusive enclave and the neighborhood fell into disrepair.  In addition to the interior remodel, the entire house was upgraded with removing the original brick foundation, new roofing to correct water intrusion, removing decades-old paint, and replacing all original electrical, plumbing and heating systems and adding air conditioning. 

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Rancho Park Spanish Colonial Addition and Remodel

The existing single story residence in the Rancho Park neighborhood had the public rooms in the front and bedrooms and baths in the rear.  This cramped 3-bedroom/1-bath house was transformed to 4-bedroom/3-bath house by adding a new second story.  The bedrooms and laundry were moved to the second floor which freed up floor space on the first floor to create a through line from the entry to the remodeled rear yard.

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Because of the stunning panoramic views of the city the client wanted to move to an open floor plan combining the living, dining and kitchen areas in one room. Open floor plans are always problematic because the different functions that a kitchen performs does require differentiation from the more formal public rooms. A kitchen, in the end, is a functional space for cooking. So the challenge in an open floor plan is to buffer this utility space with a more finished facade to the living and dining rooms.  

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Mt. Washington

Mt. Washington Craftsman

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Cheviot Hills Remodel

The existing kitchen was stuck in the dark center of this house on a narrow urban lot.  Since the kitchen could not be relocated, the remodel incorporated a turret to allow light and air to flood the room.  The kitchen was no longer a utility space for cooking and serving but was now, literally and figuratively, the center of the home and family life.  

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Glassell Park Mid-Century Remodel

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Culver City Mission Revival

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