Elle Decor, October 2019.



"In order to offset the pervasive earth-tone browns of the wood shingles, carved furniture, and glazed and terra cotta tiles in the Great Room of this natural biome-inspired Los Angeles home, we infused the space with bright pops of blues, oranges, and yellows. These saturated colors help counterbalance the organic leanings of the room by providing landing spots for your eye as you take in the space’s varied textures, shapes, and patterns." — Steve Pallrand, Founder and Owner, CarbonShack

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Business of Home, August 2019.

Business of Home, August 2019.

Why buy a luxury green vehicle like a Tesla, but not invest in a green kitchen in your home? That’s the sort of logic Steve Pallrand, founder and principal of Los Angeles–based Home Front Build, is applying to CarbonShack, his new eco-minded platform. CarbonShack acts as a type of calculator, allowing homeowners to easily tally up their home’s carbon footprint anywhere in the U.S. (There are other carbon footprint calculators out there, but none seem to get quite as in-depth or specific to the home.)

Veranda, August 2019

Top Designers Are Obsessed with These Brilliant Blue Paint Colors

“I love working with blues as it brings the color of sky and ocean into indoor living spaces. Benjamin Moore's Rhine River is one of my favorite colors. It is soft and relaxing yet sophisticated. It is a perfect backdrop for mahogany and teak furniture in a mid-century modern house, as well as against painted trims in a Cape Cod or Shingle style home. The most versatile shade of blue paint!” — Goli Karimi, Director of Design at Home Front Build

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Washington Post, August 2019

How to create a sleep-friendly bedroom

Brain research has shown how relevant sleep is to health, so it’s more important than ever to get a good night’s sleep. In the bedroom, that means not just decorating in calming colors but also minimizing stressors and optimizing conditions for a restful night. We asked some experts for advice and products to achieve that.

To lightproof the bedroom, “blackout window treatments are a must,” said Greg Roth, a designer at Home Front Build in Los Angeles, by email. “Installing a cornice box at the ceiling level can help prevent light from escaping upward from the windows and reflecting off the ceiling.” Meshberg recommends the Shade Store and Somfy for motorized shades.

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Mansion Global, August 2019

When Renovating to Sell, Focus on Kitchen Modernization, But Don’t Go Overboard

“Designing for a sale tends to be more about showing potential, without necessarily realizing that potential,” said Greg Roth of Home Front Build, a design/build firm in Los Angeles. “For example, budget allowing, it would be reasonable to open up a kitchen to an adjacent room or to the exterior, as a way of expanding and maximizing space, but then maybe you spend less, say, on new cabinets. This way, you show potential but allow for the buyer to remodel the cabinets to suit their tastes, if they so desire.”

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