Hiawatha: San Fernando Valley Historic Ranch Remodel

This residence was once part of a larger Ranch built in the 50’s in an area of the San Fernando Valley which was popular with Hollywood luminaries such as Roy Rogers, Dale Evens, Desi Arnaz & Lucille Ball.  The goal of the remodel was to update the kitchen and integrate it into the living area, adding modern amenities while creating a space that was clearly synonymous with the original ranch style.  

The door which led into the kitchen from the dining room was removed along with half of the wall.  The wall that remained, buffered the location of the new kitchen from the living room so that there was still differentiation between the formal living room and the working kitchen.  

The living room had original Douglas fir beams and wainscoting which was carried into the kitchen with the wainscoting wrapping below the new peninsula and into the built-in seating beyond.  The rustic theme was repeated in the kitchen cabinets which were finished with original 1950’s era strap hinges and door pulls sourced from a local antique store.