Ilona: Rancho Park Spanish Colonial Addition and Remodel

The existing single story residence in the Rancho Park neighborhood had the public rooms in the front and bedrooms and baths in the rear.  This cramped 3-bedroom/1-bath house was transformed to 4-bedroom/3-bath house by adding a new second story.  The bedrooms and laundry were moved to the second floor which freed up floor space on the first floor to create a through line from the entry to the remodeled rear yard.

The new stairwell was situated off the entry yet to create a sense of privacy for the upper bedroom floor, the stairwell was subtly bent away from the entry leading the friends into the kitchen and towards the rear yard.  Malibu tile risers and a metal baluster were custom made for the project adding a historically appropriate elegance to the entry.  

To prevent the kitchen now located in the center of the house, potentially become dark, a round turret was added over the island filling the room with light and architectural charm.