Mansion Global, Jan 2019

How to Decorate Your Home in a Way That’s Eco Chic

Think Holistically

"On a more aesthetic level, choose vintage, refurbished or antique furniture or fabric. This helps the earth by keeping items in use that might otherwise head to a landfill. On top of that, with one-of-a-kind pieces, you’re creating a space that is brimming with character.  

"Search out fabrics that are eco-friendly and low-water intensive, including recycled polyester, eco-friendly acrylics, natural-dye, recycled leathers, organic cotton and linen, and our favorite go-to fabric: hemp. It has the look and feel of linen or cotton, and more than any other commercially available fabric, it is extremely low-water intensive in its production and processing.   

For flooring, there are some great bamboo options available—and bamboo is an incredibly renewable resource. Our current favorite flooring choice is cork. Cork is highly renewable, sustainably harvested and adds great texture and color underfoot."

— Greg Roth, senior designer at Home Front Build, an architecture, design and building firm based in Los Angeles