About Us


Our philosophy

Good design is not about imposing a vision on the client or the landscape, it is about listening.  Home is where we are secure, where we nurture and entertain.  Every client’s expectation of home is different so as designers we must first listen, then design.  It is the same whether a client has purchased a house or a parcel of land, whether we build or remodel, we must first discover what drew them to the project, what was the emotion, the expectation, the desire, before we can realize a successful design.     

Design/Build Model

Most design/build firms are paper contractors when it comes to the construction. They employ outside subcontractors whereas we have most of the building trades on staff.

We have our very own foundation team of framers, finishers, masons, plasterers, cabinet makers, hardware specialists, and tile setters in-house.

Combining architects and interior designers with the actual builders under one roof creates a synergy and opportunity for problem solving that traditional architecture firms or contractors just cannot match.

That’s why the team at “This Old House” said we were the best construction firm they had ever worked with!

Architecture and Interior Design

Building a brand-new house or remodeling an existing one can only be successful through an engaged and collaborative process.  Our in-house licensed architects and experienced interior designers will guide you through every step starting with feasibility studies, complete design and production documents, approval of entitlements, materials selection and interior furnishings. 


The responsibility for your project lies with us. We are one team.  And, since we build as well as design we know how much projects really cost, no square footage estimates, no guesses. 

With us, you never find yourself with a plan you can’t afford or costs that weren’t accounted. The project we design fits your budget and your sensibilities the first time.  When you budget thoroughly, change orders are eliminated.    

Remodels & Additions

Designing a new structure is easy; it’s a blank slate. To remodel or design an addition is more difficult. The challenge in working with an existing home is to adapt it without losing its inherent, distinctive character. 

We are passionate about the vernacular architectural forms found in southern California, Victorian, Craftsman, Spanish Colonial Revival, Prairie and Mid-Century modern. Too often designers are trained to imprint their personality on an addition or remodel. 

Our approach has always been to honor the existing character of the house while adapting it to the way we live today.

Historic Preservation

Los Angeles is undervalued as an architectural landscape.  For an American City it has the richest most varied range of domestic architectural styles from the historic adobes to the singular case study houses of the mid-century modern period.  But Los Angeles is also known for its emblematic styles as well, producing such movements as the California Bungalow and Craftsman styles, Mission and Spanish Colonial Revival as well as the mid-century modern and case study houses.  

Preserving our architectural legacy is an important goal of the company.  Not only have our staff served on historic committees but we keep an extensive yard of salvage materials for our preservation projects.  

Green Construction

There was a time when being green was a necessity, not a lifestyle choice. Before the age of mechanical heating and air conditioning builders had evolved various passive strategies for comfort, strategies that worked. That’s why at Home Front Build we look to the past for our energy efficient designs, not just the future.

Our designs combine the modern solar panel with the thicker stucco walls of the Spanish Revival Era which repelled the heat of the sun and maintained the cooler, elegant interiors of the period while reducing the need for mechanical cooling. We employ the generous sun shading eaves that were utilized in the Craftsman & Prairie period, the graceful towers of Arab and Moorish traditions designed to vent off heat as well as the cooling effects of Mediterranean central courtyards.

By combining these old strategies with modern technologies we can create wholly new and revolutionary ways to live in our built environments that draw on ours pasts as well as our present.


Home is about community as well as place.  It is not just how we live in the spaces within, but how our home relates to the community outside.  We are conscious of our responsibility to integrate our projects into the existing community.